10 New Startup Ideas for You

10 New Startup Ideas for You

The article highlights the ideas about- what commodity or service is essential to start a business
– to thrive in the long run – to make it an enterprise.

“Nobody stands for another, but for he himself. A person is the maker of his/her own destiny.
One should either take destiny in his hands while the sun shines or else he would have to
surrender himself to fate. For those who want to take destiny in his hands and make sure of a
successful future, entrepreneurship is the best idea. One who does not want to be commanded
and work at his free will must have once in his lifetime dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. A
strong determination and a lot of enthusiasm are essential for a business to flourish.”

People, who dream of being an entrepreneur in India, need some initial support and ideas
about the start-up businesses. A thorough guidance towards identifying one’s own interests
and potential backed up by the initial flow of investments are to be considered. One can also
opt for a business loan if needed to start a business. It is to be noted that various new talents
are being staged and recognised in India.

Though a third-world country, India welcomes new ideas. Adoption of the uniqueness from the
very beginning of starting a business and incorporating it already gains high points. This acts as
an incentive to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Focusing on one’s skills may also prompt one to take
up a business related to it.
10 ideas are discussed below for start-ups for the beginners that may be considered as a guide.

1. Tutoring Business:

Tutoring and providing education may prove to be the most fruitful business ever. The business
would not only help spread education to the needy, but it is also cost-effective. This is skill-
based business and requires teaching experience and a place where the service can be
A teacher can teach children of all ages based on the subjects he/she is an expert. While
enhancing the relationships between teachers and the students, one also competes with the
other teaching staffs in the area.
Investing an ample amount of knowledge, patience and honesty and none of it needs monetary
back up. Tutoring Business can definitely be considered as a fruitful start-up business.

2. E-commerce stores:
Starting one’s own website to step into the world of e-commerce requires certain steps to be
considered with true patience. Investigating as to what products to take up and with whom are
they going to compete are important. Starting an ecommerce store gives an exposure to the
wider range of interested parties, thus, bucking up the business.

3. Waste management and Recycling business:
India has been promoting the dream of a clean land, which has been impossible to make it
come true in reality. A handsome scope of startup business can be seen here in this sphere
where the daily wastes can be handled and sorted out with expertise, saving the environment
from getting polluted.
Thereafter, sorting one can consider recycling of the waste materials too. This would require a
minimum investment on the waste management transports and permission for management.

4. Herbal Beauty Products:
The customers nowadays prefer herbal products over chemical ones, which are not only
malicious to our natural beauty, but may also cause serious issues to the health. Herbal
products made naturally out of herbs are gaining popularity since the past decade and replacing
chemical products.
A startup business can be initiated based upon this need of the consumers to go natural.
Especially, the Indian market has been showing interest in going back to the Vedic Age by
supporting Ayurvedic treatments. The business startup based on this particular field requires
true access to the herbs to concoct the necessary herbal beauty product. Moreover, not a large
sum of investment would be needed. Indeed, if a beauty product in the market manages to
impress its customers, it hints at a successful entrepreneurship in the years to come.

5. Making the Smarter Toys Business:
Toys are an entertainment for the children. They do not demand much. Their well-being
sometimes depends on how active they are. The demand of the children could be fulfilled by
providing them with toys that would also help them evolve through an innocent brainwork. This
does not require any heavy machines and can be done by employing men and counting their
salaries as a part of an investment.
If one luckily has a handsome amount of financial backup, he may proceed to make of toys that
particularly involve machine work. The business of toys never goes out of demand because
children have not stopped to get fascinated by newer toys every day.
Tip – Think about Board games, a childhood fascination which is soon perishing can be brought
back in trend.

6. Starting a low-budget Restaurant:
A small space that can be turned into a delightful cafe or a restaurant can be considered to be
ideal as a startup business. The place can be ideal for college students who have a low-budget
for whiling away their free time with friends.
Perhaps, the ideally constructed environment and vibrant surrounding accompanied by good
food is a secret towards making the restaurant business thrive in the long-run. Concentrating
on the food quality rather than the decor of the restaurant at the very beginning would draw
customers daily and this is, of course, low-budget, does not require a huge investment.

7. Tailoring Business:
People are very particular when it comes to the fitting of attires. Everyone demands to be
presentable to the society and most importantly to him. The tailoring business provides the
mass with perfectly fitted dresses, stitching, repairing and altering a service which never goes
out of fashion. An investment is to be made on stitching machines and experts in handling
them. Considering these as a startup business are thus, recommended.

8. Freelance Writing Business:
Freelance writing business requires a minimalistic setup of internet connection at home and
one is good to go. With an interest in the field of writing and the capability to provide good

articles is all to consider it as a business startup. It is not to be forgotten that every other kind
of business does require quality contents.

9. Fabric making Business:
The fashion industry of India has been flourishing ever since its inception. There have been
successful businesspersons in becoming entrepreneurs who people look up to. However, it
wouldn’t have been possible without a strong supply of raw materials to the industries. Fabrics
are the essential raw materials that the fashion industry always looks for. Weaving fabrics and
materials for them would thus, be a wise decision, which would also link the start-up business's
name as a credit of the already flourished one.

10. Email marketing:
Email marketing has been in trend for quite some time now and it is cost-effective as well. This
allows one to send required content and data to the persons in question. This, however, needs
efficient handling of the clients and presentable engagement of the subjects.

The benefits of entrepreneurship are many. A true dedication towards a startup business can
weave a larger magnitude of success in the future and register one's name with the successful
entrepreneurs. The struggling days dedicated to the startup business may strike a pose for the
future triumph.

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