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20 Things to Know Before Starting Your Business

With a prediction of over 90% of businesses failing in India within the first 5 years, launching a start-up is no simple task. Qualities like hard work and determination cannot compensate for the lack of skills and information.


This article discusses about the skills and knowledge upcoming entrepreneurs need to acquire.

10 New Startup Ideas for You

The article highlights the ideas about- what commodity or service is essential to start a business
– to thrive in the long run – to make it an enterprise.

“Nobody stands for another, but for he himself. A person is the maker of his/her own destiny.
One should either take destiny in his hands while the sun shines or else he would have to
surrender himself to fate. For those who want to take destiny in his hands and make sure of a
successful future, entrepreneurship is the best idea. One who does not want to be commanded
and work at his free will must have once in his lifetime dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. A
strong determination and a lot of enthusiasm are essential for a business to flourish.”