Abhijeet Chakraborty's story of success

“Being confused in career is never a problem; this shows that you are not
satisfied with what you are doing. The time when you will stop being
confused, then you have found what you want to settle for.”- Abhijeet Chakraborty


Abhijeet Chakraborty, now a successful entrepreneur who started his business
at a young age and finally worked his way up to the top.
Since childhood, he was not very inclined towards bookish knowledge. This greatly helped him to crack the code on how to become a successful businessman. His
interest always lied in computers and technology. The only two subjects that truly made sense to him were Physics and Computer; hence, as per the rule of
standard education system, he was a ‘poor’ student.

“It is not important to come first in class, the important thing is to ensure
that the base is clear. Now that I see my report cards, they are just funny!”

The next hurdle that he faced in his life was after class 12 when he had to leave
for college and settle in Chennai.
He took admission in a Chennai based University and somehow never liked the
pattern of studies or college. The next 4 years were the slowest years in his
life when came to academics, but this was the time when he did build a career
for himself.

“When I was in 1 st year, I was challenged in my university that I would not get
any job and that was the turning point in my life. I took it as a challenge and
told my professor that by the end of college, I would do better for myself than
placements can do for me.”

Saying it was easier than doing it.
The first work that he got was when from my cousin who lives in USA and gave
me some development work just to see whether he can do or not. He
completed the assignment and kept on asking for more.
Finally, after 2 months, he got a project for himself. The next thing he did was
to come back to Kolkata right after 6 months of being in college.

“When I came back home after 6 months everyone was shocked and no one
approved of my decision. The first concern everyone had was, ‘what will everyone say?’ Now that I look around, I really don’t hear bad words about

He started his office in his house on the mezzanine floor with 2 old computers
and an old laptop.
It was really difficult for him in the initial days as he had to work for more than
15 to 16 hours a day.
He had only 1 friend who was his partner and they together started the whole
business. After a month he managed to hire his first 2 employees and
continued working in that place for the next 3 months.
After he completed a few small assignments, it was time for him to go big!
He got a new client who had some bulk requirement and for that, he was given
an advance of around 3 lakhs. From that, the first set his office up in Kolkata at
Metropolitan in 2010.
His office started in with just 5 people altogether. The first thing that he did
with the payment he got, bought new chairs for himself and his employees. In
his first year of business, his turnover was 7 lakhs and now, his business is
Presently, in 2018, he is running two very successful businesses Integra
Technologies LLC and Andwill Group.
The College dropout from Kolkata is now running a company with 500
employees all around the world and has earned the title of a Young