Success Story of Abhijeet Chakraborty

Abhijeet Chakraborty, the man comes in the list of entrepreneurs who have achieved success at a very younger age. Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success may be the result of his extreme hardworking nature and dedication to his goal but his early life struggles were no different than others. Integra Technologies and Andwill group are the two major names that came to existence and helped Mr. Chakraborty to earn the title of youngest Indian entrepreneur to expand his business globally.

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From a college dropout to a global businessman- Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success is very much inspiring.

In his own words, he never preferred to be on the top and have always been among the average students, most likely loved practical and experimental knowledge over the bookish knowledge. He believes that understanding the point and clearing the base is more important than every other thing in an education system. Physics and Computer are only the two subjects that made sense to him and so, he was listed as a poor student by the standard education system.

  •    Early Life

Completing his high school education, he joined a Chennai based University. There he somehow realized that his life is going to change soon, but while in college, he discovered that the change Is not occurring the way he wanted it to. As he was never interested in doing a 9to5 job, he came home. He was concerned about his family and friends and how they’ll react to his decision but he had a vision on his mind and a goal to achieve.

  •    The journey started from his home

When he established his first office, it was in his own home. He hired 3 employees and a friend very close to him, together they set the sails of an unbelievable journey not knowing what is out there and what are the possibilities of their success. Fortunately, their hard work and dedication paid them well and they started to see the positive side.

  •    Difficulties he faced early in his career

Though they were seeing the mountain they want to go up, Mr. Chakraborty knew that there is no top in the mountain of success and you’ll see more and more as you start climbing on it. One of the serious problems he faced in his early career that none even his own employees used to take him seriously as he was too young among his fellow entrepreneurs. In his words, there were several occasions where he almost quit but with the help of his family and friends he stood in his place and went on. This makes Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success more interesting.

  •    His brainchild Integra and Andwill

In the USA IT industry, Integra Technologies LLC is a very popular name so Andwill Group is in the consultancy sectors of India. These two are like the own lad of Abhijeet Chakraborty which he has nourished from a small-town firm to a global (Integra Technology) and a domestic giant of their respected sectors.

  •    His life apart from his career

Apart from his professional life, he loves to travel and explore new places which he thinks is really useful for an entrepreneur mind. This aids entrepreneurs not only just get the refreshment but also helps to meet, communicate and growing more and more network for business purposes also.

The question that arises here that there are more people like him who have sacrificed so many things to pave their path to success, there are lots of stories like his, so what it is that makes Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success so much different? The answer is very simple, in spite of all the achievements he bagged at such a young age, he is still one of the most humble and down to earth gentleman you see today. He has mastered the skill to keep his family and friends close and maintain his huge business empire side by side. That makes the difference.

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