Do you have dreams of growing your start-up as a global beast someday? Do you wish to know how you can do so? Well, all of us want to expand our business globally and very few actually make it to that level.

There are some Indian entrepreneurs like Abhijeet Chakraborty who actually make it to that level. From Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success, you can actually learn valuable lessons how to make it to the outside world.

Years ago, people used to think that funding is the hardest obstacle in the way of global expansion of businesses. But now you don’t actually need to set-up an office or hire employees to work for you in every place, you can only connect with the local markets and promote and market your products anywhere in the globe.

Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success leads us to finalize some points to get started on the process of your business globalization.

Abhijeet chakraborty's story of sucess

 They are as follows –

  • Proper planning before you jump off

Proper planning before you do anything is very essential, no matter it’s for your business or in your life. And when you’re taking such a big step for your business you must bag a plan in your journey to the global market.

Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success gives us the proper idea why proper planning have so much importance in terms of growing business globally.

  • A multilingual approach is must to do a thing!

Though it is true that more than half of the online content is in English language, only about one fourth of internet users speak English. An international study shows the fact that more than 55% of the people said that their own language is more important than the price of the product itself. So, if you’re thinking to expand your business globally, make sure to give priority to local language.

  • Invest in markets and earn the trust of global audiences

In business, there will be uncertainties and risks and when you’re growing it global you have to be extra safe. But don’t take yourself back from investing in markets. Delivering better products and services than their locals will help you gain their trust.

  • Hire teams who understand the market properly

Hiring an expert team who have the knowledge of the local market activities as well as their language will aid you to grow your network in the market more quickly than you imagine. They’ll interact with the target audience more, ultimately selling your products and services more.

  • Know your market-competitors

When you’re new in a market you must have an idea what your market competitors are thinking and how they’re executing things. Knowing about your competitors properly will give you the idea, what you have to improve to stay ahead of them.

  • Use social media

The best way you can engage with your global audiences and promote your business is via social media. Everyone around us is connected with social media; stay active in social media, let your audience know that you’re new in the area and your providing best-value products.

Creating a multilingual, international team is never easy; but if you can it will give you the power to conquer foreign markets, bring happiness in your workplace and give your team a new world to show their creativity.

However, we know from Abhijeet Chakraborty’s story of success that making your start-up reign globally is not a matter of joke; but it can be done with effective team-work, maximum dedication and understanding the market aspects.

Abhijeet Chakraborty | Entrepreneur Ideas in India

October 9, 2018
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There is no shortage of innovative entrepreneur ideas in India. How many times have we seen that an entrepreneur comes up with an all inspiring creative approach and it fails due to lack of execution? Conducting proper market research and planning out your vision is perhaps the most crucial aspect of running a successful business in the long run.

However, young entrepreneurs in India lack this quality which has resulted in more than 90% of start-up failure in the country. There is no shortage of hard-working individuals in the market, but to be a visionary, an inborn leader is an unusual characteristic which not everyone possesses. This is precisely where Abhijeet Chakraborty and his services can be put to use.

Abhijeet’s knowledge in all the wedges of business is so diverse that it is sure to help you and your business gain that recognition that it deserves. Right from the selection of the target audience to the implementation of various strategies can be dissected and formulated by Abhijeet. This will allow you and your firm to save valuable time, effort and energy and in turn, will boost your sales and profits.

The most significant and fundamental difficulty which start-ups in India face is that the audience is not aware of the products and services which are offered by a business organization. All this and more can be effectively eradicated by adopting the expert advice of Abhijeet Chakraborty.

The market is there to exploit, the only thing you need is guidance from an experienced individual who not only knows the internal layout but has also been successful in the international segment as well. Come to collaborate with Abhijeet and his team. The premium services offered by Abhijeet acts as a catalyst which will not only rejuvenate your spirits as an entrepreneur but will also revitalize your listed business.

Entrepreneur ideas in India need nurturing as the potential is immense. Fulfil your potential by collaborating with Abhijeet Chakraborty. Contact us today to get more information.

Abhijeet Chakraborty | Abhijeet Chakraborty’s Blog Site

September 13, 2018
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The Art of Smart Work with Hard Work That Fetches You Success

The debate of choosing between hard and smart work has been in every industry for several years now. Many people will point out at many prosperous professionals and entrepreneurs who achieved their success with tons of hard work. Find Abhijeet Chakraborty’s takes on this topic.

Abhijeet Chakraborty – does working hard fetch you the ultimate success?

The simple answer to this question is smart work and hard work practiced at right portions will surely take you to the promised land of triumph. We can observe that many successful people are not just hard workers, but they are quick learners as well. They tend to analyze their own goals quickly and come up with suitable methods which have a definite structure.

As per Abhijeet Chakraborty “Success comes with the ability of people to understand the work nature which should be backed up with a suitable implement.” So if one cannot outline their work nature or understand their product or job role, it will be extremely difficult for them to meet the expectations and achieve their life goals even though they put up a lot of work.

So if you are taking care of the operations of a start-up ,then consultancy from Abhijeet Chakraborty is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. Motivate your employees, double your efficiency and generate more profits by implementing the effective strategies as advised by our esteem professional, Abhijeet Chakraborty. Get a clear understanding of hard and smart work by joining hands with us.

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Abhijeet Chakraborty’s take on How to become a successful businessman?

September 13, 2018
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Establishing your own business and running it day-in and day-out can be one of the most challenging things to do. There are so many variables which an aspiring entrepreneur must take into consideration. Being the founder of a start-up is stressful, to say the least as the concerned individual has to allocate attention to various departments of the business. Right from marketing, finance, production, and recruitment, everything is to be monitored and tracked by an entrepreneur in order to ensure optimum utilization of the resources.

Let us start by addressing the most underlying question.

How to become a successful businessman?

The answer to this question may vary from one individual to another. However, most of the successful business officials are experienced not only in terms of professional encounters but also in age. This is primarily because the ladder of success is long and it takes a considerable amount of time for a person to climb it and reach the top.

However, such is not the case with Abhijeet Chakraborty. Regarded as the youngest entrepreneur in India, Abhijeet has been able to make a name for himself not only in the domestic front but also in the international market within a very short period of time. At the tender age of 28, Abhijeet has achieved what most aspiring entrepreneur can only dream of. His brainchild, Integra Technologies, has occupied a substantial market share on an international level.

Therefore, the question of “How to become a successful businessman?” can be most fittingly answered by the successful and young entrepreneur, Abhijeet Chakraborty himself.

If you are struggling to crack the code of success and want to give your business a new dimension, then contact Abhijeet and his team today. His knowledge and experience in various fields of business are second to none.

Collaborate with Abhijeet and skyrocket your business to the stratosphere of success. Boost your sales and profit in no time by availing the premium services offered by Abhijeet Chakraborty.