Are you among those who wish to change the world someday? You like the way Steve Jobs, Mark
Zuckerberg and Bill Gates written their names on the golden plaques? Want to become the creator
of your own dreams?
If you’re an Indian citizen and have these kinds of dreams; maybe it’s the best time to set up a
business here. With several of schemes allotted by the Indian government, many of business experts and
entrepreneurs like Abhijeet Chakraborty thinks that India is now one of the fastest growing
economies in the world and a great country to invest in.
Working class here is growing rapidly here and touches almost half India which is known to be the
most populated country in the world after China. Besides its huge population and size, India also is
one of the quickest arising economies around of the overall population and so does the amount of
disposable income.
So, without wasting any more time lets jump right into the reasons why you should start a business
in India soon.

Technology and Business:  

Modern technology has helped us make our lives easy and as well as the way of business. If you
recall about a decade ago, entrepreneurs had to search and convince the distributors but with the
help of the Internet, you can directly approach your target customers. So, we don’t need third parties
or middlemen anymore, the internet has given us a lovely option to trade directly with the customer.

Loans and more facilities:

The Indian government is currently boosting known as well as small businesses particularly micro, small,
medium enterprises which are recognized as the backbone of the Indian Economy. Government has
reduced interest rates for business loan facilities increased the total loan amount to be taken and
extended the facilities and time period in the time of repayment.

Newly passed bills and laws for business:

India in recent years has passed several bills that are helpful for the business and industrial sectors.
Goods and Service Tax (GST) bill which had some sort of issues in parliament finally passed and put
into effect. Though people having problems with it specifically business persons nowadays it will
surely be proven very beneficial in the coming years.

Low operational cost:

A company small or big doesn’t require Central Government’s involvement, that definitely reduces
the cost of starting and running of the business in India.
Other than this, the basic resources needed for businesses have a comparatively lower cost than other
countries, like labor, food, transportation, internet, even taxes. So, that makes it easier and more
affordable compared to U.S., U.K and more others.

Business as a career opportunity:

Years before and even some years ago, good students used to pick medical or engineering as their
higher study and upcoming career. Business or Commerce was the option for the average students
or the one from the business family background. But in present, things are not the same here; lots of
business-schools and colleges are here and even students from science background are starting their
own business.

Abhijeet Chakraborty is one of those successful entrepreneurs who started his career with a science
background and ruled the business world with their visions and innovative ideas. Now you can see how
things are getting clear day by day for starting a business in India even it’s just a start-up.
So, If you’re in India and have every resource available to start a business, Don’t wait anymore!



Is your business getting the amount of marketing as it should? Are you experiencing troubles to choose the appropriate customers for your products and services? Need any help to pick the right types of target market ?

Nowadays, customers have a huge amount of control and influence over a business to be successful. When you hear the word “customer”, what comes to your mind? Either someone who is interested in your products or services or someone who buys your products regularly. There are a lot of marketers who focus more on the benefits and features of their products rather than their customer profiles.

Get help in the perfect analysis in types of target market with Integra’s Consultancy services –

Unless you develop complete products for your consumers and market more specifically to the target consumer’s needs, desires and interests, you’re very far from a success. Integra Technologies provide the best advisory help in the market by which you can actually analyze the market properly and hit your target customers with the service they desire.

Here are some of the important market segmentation you need to focus to boost your business.

  • Religion-based marketing
    Abhijeet Chakraborty blog

Choosing your market based on religion is a very important task in business. In our world, there are various religions around, in Asia the variation is higher than anywhere in the world. So, when you’re doing your business in the area where variation is high, you have to choose things more carefully.

  •    Location and zip code
    abhijeet chakraborty blog

Marketing based on location and zip codes comes to the geographical segmentation part. Different locations have different weather and cultural sense, so marketing in a target location can earn you more revenues than marketing in areas with diversities. You can gain more profit from winter clothing where a winter season is taking place right?

  •    Competitive targeting
    abhijeet chakraborty blog

Competitive targeting is actually to target the customers of your competitors. Analyze the market properly and you’ll be aware of which competitor is providing loose services and what they are actually missing in their services. If you can provide a service that they are failing to, their customers will surely attract to you.

  •    Lifestyle and personality
    types of target market

You can mark your type of target market and customers by their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. If you own a clothing and footwear company, you are most likely to target the ones who are interested in fashion. Similarly, as an owner of a food court or restaurant, you should put your focus on those people who like to eat outside more rather than the ones who prefer to stay healthy.

  •    Usage-based marketing
    types of target market

Usage of product or service also comes to list of segmentation. A consumer can be determined as their usage of a product labeled as a heavy, moderate or light user.

  •    Family status or size
    abhijeet chakraborty blog

Different families have a different kind of peoples in it and their size also varies one to another. Each type has a different need for things. For an example, large families are expected to purchase in bulk, while small ones will be interesting products that comes in a small amount- as some products are not usable for the next day or later. So which consumer profile you’re searching for? Who can you serve best with your service and products?

Understanding these market segmentations and applying a proper market analysis can help you to filter your target customers and develop your information about various types of target market finally helping you to improve your marketing strategies and reach your consumers more accurately.

Abhijeet Chakraborty | Entrepreneur Ideas in India

October 9, 2018
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abhijeet chakraborty motivation


There is no shortage of innovative entrepreneur ideas in India. How many times have we seen that an entrepreneur comes up with an all inspiring creative approach and it fails due to lack of execution? Conducting proper market research and planning out your vision is perhaps the most crucial aspect of running a successful business in the long run.

However, young entrepreneurs in India lack this quality which has resulted in more than 90% of start-up failure in the country. There is no shortage of hard-working individuals in the market, but to be a visionary, an inborn leader is an unusual characteristic which not everyone possesses. This is precisely where Abhijeet Chakraborty and his services can be put to use.

Abhijeet’s knowledge in all the wedges of business is so diverse that it is sure to help you and your business gain that recognition that it deserves. Right from the selection of the target audience to the implementation of various strategies can be dissected and formulated by Abhijeet. This will allow you and your firm to save valuable time, effort and energy and in turn, will boost your sales and profits.

The most significant and fundamental difficulty which start-ups in India face is that the audience is not aware of the products and services which are offered by a business organization. All this and more can be effectively eradicated by adopting the expert advice of Abhijeet Chakraborty.

The market is there to exploit, the only thing you need is guidance from an experienced individual who not only knows the internal layout but has also been successful in the international segment as well. Come to collaborate with Abhijeet and his team. The premium services offered by Abhijeet acts as a catalyst which will not only rejuvenate your spirits as an entrepreneur but will also revitalize your listed business.

Entrepreneur ideas in India need nurturing as the potential is immense. Fulfil your potential by collaborating with Abhijeet Chakraborty. Contact us today to get more information.

Abhijeet Chakraborty | story of Success

September 13, 2018
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Abhijeet Chakraborty's story of success

“Being confused in career is never a problem; this shows that you are not
satisfied with what you are doing. The time when you will stop being
confused, then you have found what you want to settle for.”- Abhijeet Chakraborty


Abhijeet Chakraborty, now a successful entrepreneur who started his business
at a young age and finally worked his way up to the top.
Since childhood, he was not very inclined towards bookish knowledge. This greatly helped him to crack the code on how to become a successful businessman. His
interest always lied in computers and technology. The only two subjects that truly made sense to him were Physics and Computer; hence, as per the rule of
standard education system, he was a ‘poor’ student.

“It is not important to come first in class, the important thing is to ensure
that the base is clear. Now that I see my report cards, they are just funny!”

The next hurdle that he faced in his life was after class 12 when he had to leave
for college and settle in Chennai.
He took admission in a Chennai based University and somehow never liked the
pattern of studies or college. The next 4 years were the slowest years in his
life when came to academics, but this was the time when he did build a career
for himself.

“When I was in 1 st year, I was challenged in my university that I would not get
any job and that was the turning point in my life. I took it as a challenge and
told my professor that by the end of college, I would do better for myself than
placements can do for me.”

Saying it was easier than doing it.
The first work that he got was when from my cousin who lives in USA and gave
me some development work just to see whether he can do or not. He
completed the assignment and kept on asking for more.
Finally, after 2 months, he got a project for himself. The next thing he did was
to come back to Kolkata right after 6 months of being in college.

“When I came back home after 6 months everyone was shocked and no one
approved of my decision. The first concern everyone had was, ‘what will everyone say?’ Now that I look around, I really don’t hear bad words about

He started his office in his house on the mezzanine floor with 2 old computers
and an old laptop.
It was really difficult for him in the initial days as he had to work for more than
15 to 16 hours a day.
He had only 1 friend who was his partner and they together started the whole
business. After a month he managed to hire his first 2 employees and
continued working in that place for the next 3 months.
After he completed a few small assignments, it was time for him to go big!
He got a new client who had some bulk requirement and for that, he was given
an advance of around 3 lakhs. From that, the first set his office up in Kolkata at
Metropolitan in 2010.
His office started in with just 5 people altogether. The first thing that he did
with the payment he got, bought new chairs for himself and his employees. In
his first year of business, his turnover was 7 lakhs and now, his business is
Presently, in 2018, he is running two very successful businesses Integra
Technologies LLC and Andwill Group.
The College dropout from Kolkata is now running a company with 500
employees all around the world and has earned the title of a Young

Abhijeet Chakraborty
Abhijeet Chakraborty

‘Success doesn’t come to you by chance; you have to pave the way, climb the steps and finally reach the top where you will meet success. However, what will matter the most is how you make this journey happen.’

Abhijeet Chakraborty is born in Kolkata, presently living in Bangalore, started his business in 2009 and about Abhijeet Chakraborty the youngest entrepreneur is growing his business global. His brainchild Integra Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT company in the world. With his new entrepreneur ideas in India, Abhijeet aims to bring about a positive change in the country’s economy.

Abhijeet Charkraborty is a person who has mastered the art of balancing his personal and professional life. He is extremely attached to his family and a very dedicated as well as a hardworking person. His values for family and work ethics make him one of a kind. He would take an extra mile to keep everyone around him happy, be it his family or his employees. Considering all these qualities, hardwork and dedication, Abhijeet is now a name in the most successful entrepreneur in India.

He loves to spend his free time traveling and hanging out with his friends. He believes to maintain sanity in life, traveling and exploring new places is very important. This not only rejuvenates and refreshes his mind but also helped him to connect and communicate with people more. His love for traveling has done much in shaping his personality.

Abhijeet is also a motivational speaker and business consultant for several startup companies all over. Here in his blogs, you will get to know more about the do’s and don’ts for making a business successful. Moreover, he also does a lot of charity, sponsors education for underprivileged children as he feels there is potential in everyone and people who can, should help them to grow.

Birthday: 18th May
Hobby: Driving, traveling
Loves: Ties and watches.
Favorite color: Green, blue and white.
Relationship status: Single