With the increasing reach and popularity of social media, Youtube, today is the most entertaining, informational as well as addictive social media platform for every age group. Each and every second hundred videos are uploaded here and people are always hungry in search of something more interesting and informative. These all are boosting the Entrepreneur ideas in India to begin a new era of creativity and business in the entertainment industry.

Youtube, founded way back in 2005, is now the largest online video platform worldwide including corporate media content such as entertainment videos, video blogs, promotional and instructional videos as well as educational content. Currently free to access, it has almost 1.5 billion users worldwide, projected to rise into 2 billion in the upcoming 3 or 4 years.

The rise of smartphones and how it’s available through worldwide also have a huge impact on this growing number. Both in Android Google play store and Apple store, Youtube ranks into the top list of most popular mobile apps with more than billions of total downloads.

Youtube Content Making – One of The Best Entrepreneur Ideas in India Today

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However, It was intended that users can post interesting content as per their consumer demands, it has now become one of the most powerful money making career option for some individuals. The most popular youtube channel in the world named as PewDiePie in terms of total subscriber count – a Swedish web comedian and video gamer with a huge subscriber count of 82 million.

This trend of creating an online presence through various video contents and making a career out of it has touched India too. People have realized that featuring in the television or theatre is not the only option to become famous these days. Through the online platform, if you have the skill and the creativity to attract your viewers, it’s effectively easier as well as quicker to make a name for yourself.

So, in this post, I’m going to talk about ten of such famous Indians who’ve chosen this path and turned YouTube content making into one of the best Entrepreneur ideas in India. Read on.

Bhuvan Bam

Channel name – BB Ki Vines

Subscriber – 12.1 million

Total no. of views – 1,505,832,391

If you’re a moderate user of Youtube, you must’ve already heard about the fastest growing Indian star Bhuvan bam and his BB Ki Vines. Though, the journey of becoming Youtube sensation has started very unplanned for him.

His video about an anchor questioning insensitive things to women who’ve lost her child in Kashmir flood went viral in overnight in Pakistan. After that, there were no looking back for him.

Amit Bhadana

Channel name – Amit Bhadana

Subscriber – 12.8 million

Total no. of views – 834,587,238

Just like Bhuvan Bam, Amit Bhadana is also into content creating to entertain his viewers by comedy. Most of his videos are featuring slice of content. The basic intention of him is to amuse the viewers and give them a serious laugh. With 12.8 million he is on the top spot of indian YouTubers list.

Gaurav Chowdhury

Channel name – Technical Guruji

Subscriber – 11.2 million

Total no. of views – 1,005,383,647

Technical Guruji is one of the most subscribed channels in India as you can see. It’s the brainchild of Gaurav himself, who currently lives and operates from Dubai, UAE. This channel is very much unique as it offers various technical knowledge about internet, computers and mobiles in a very much understandable language, hindi.

Ashish Chanchlani

Channel name – Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Subscriber – 10.1 million

Total no. of views – 858,276,809

Just like BB Ki Vines, Ashish Chanchlani Vines has initially gained a huge popularity by making entertaining content. Ashish is intended to make his target audiences (obviously aged more than 18) laugh with his comedy sense and sketches.

His contents are mainly for all Indians in order to gain more popularity from all over the country.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Channel name – Sandeep Maheshwari

Subscriber – 8.9 million

Total no. of views – 468,072,822

Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among those who’ve faced struggle, failure and paved their way through in search for success, happiness. Almost each and every video by Sandeep Maheshwari is related to real life scenarios that we encounter in day to day activities. His videos are to supply motivation for those who’s suffering from depression or any life problem.

Nisha Madhulika

Channel name – Nisha Madhulika

Subscriber – 6.3 million

Total no. of views – 1,206,612,590

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian who loves to cook. Her youtube channel is for teaching home food makers and and ordinary people, how to fantastic foods from regular ingredients – snacks, veg meals, soups and lot more.

Her main intention is to show people the interesting side of cooking and how by using common household items can be used to cook delicious dishes.

Ajey Nagar

Channel name – CarryMinati

Subscriber – 5.6 million

Total no. of views – 527,948,778

Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati which is also his Youtube channel name became famous by posting funny videos roasting other videos or peoples. He posts viral videos packed up with funny pictures, commentaries, games and movie clips which attracts amusement hungry viewers to his contents.

He’s only 19 years old right now and showing each and every Indian that how Youtube can be one of the best Entrepreneur ideas in India.

Sanam Puri and team

Channel name – Sanam

Subscriber – 5.3 million

Total no. of views – 963,761,046

Sanam is the band of four extremely talented musicians – Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, S. Venky, and Keshav Dharaj. They’ve created their name by writing and composing their own songs as well as making covers of old Hindi and regional hits.

It’s one of the most viewed YouTube channel launched by private musicians, all others are either movie or music recording industries.

Tanmay Bhat

Channel name – AIB

Subscriber – 3.5 millions

Total no. of views – 380,759,961

Tanmay Bhat is one of such YouTubers known for their stand up comedy – a perfect mix of controversy and humor. Grown up in Mumbai, Tanmay is the co-founder of his channel AIB.

He is a writer himself and said to be one of the youngest millionaires who’ve made fortune through Youtube.

Shruti Anand

Channel name – Shruti Arjun Anand

Subscriber – 3.1 million

Total no. of views – 474,291,162

It all started when Shruti realized that most of the products and tips are shown on Youtube is not actually for Indian skin tones. So, she started to upload her own videos to showcase more about that particularly.

When it got attention and love from people, she continued it, and her techie husband also left his job to continue the channel. In the future, she intends to launch her own products.


So, you can see in Youtube there are lots of creatively talented folks who are musicians, technology experts, students, chefs and comedians. They’ve become millionaires by choosing Youtube as a successful career option and made it one of the best Entrepreneur ideas in India. Not just that they’re earning from Youtube, they’ve created a name for themselves too.

So, what are you thinking? It’s a superb entrepreneur idea that you can start with a very low or no investment. Just go out there and show your skills to the world. If you’ve got the creativity and a bit of luck, you’ll surely succeed.