Starting a business and growing it is never easy! You’ve to start with an idea, choose your marketing products of proper value, and sort out your target audiences by analyzing the types of target market.

Whether you’re offering a product, service or information, it has now become tougher to stay ahead in this hugely competitive market. It is hardly possible to stay balanced, earning revenues and fuel your growth without the right marketing strategies.

However, choosing the best strategies and identifying the types of target market is not so hard if you do that in a proper way. Different types of marketing strategies are for achieving different types of business goals, so you may need to use more than one to keep your business on the right track.

Are you one of them who stays awake at night with the thoughts of how you can deliver your message to the right target audiences? Or how can you boost your marketing and gain more profit from there? Then, you’re in the right place today. In the following, we’ll discuss some marketing strategies that can prove to be useful in boosting your business growth.

Social Media

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If you’re thinking about your business growth, you just can’t ignore social media. Several businesses are standing only on the support of social media.

You can also hire a social media manager or you can do it on your own. If may seem a little difficult at first but you’ll get over it by time.

Just post regularly about your thoughts, opinions, products, and services that you’re offering. Let your consumers have the proper idea about what you’re offering and what advantages they’ll get if they purchase from you.

Make video tutorials

One of the best ways to share your thoughts and opinions is to create a video tutorial. Let people know about your products and services, teach them about something in a step by step video tutorial.

YouTube is the largest video engine in the world; all those peoples who want to learn it visually you can find them there. If you want to use the full advantage and reach of YouTube, don’t hold back anymore. Start shooting your videos now.

Start blogging

types of target market

Blogging doesn’t mean that you only have to post on your own blog. Start helping people by answering their questions in Reddit and Quora. These social platforms have massive audiences and it can improve your social reach in no time.

When you help a different kind of peoples you’ll get to know them well and that’ll let you sort your types of target market better.

Hire influencers

Do you want to get the word out there and boost your visibility on social media without taking a long time to build the audience? Then you should certainly hire influencers. But the key is to find the right influencer. You don’t need to go with influencers with millions of followers. You can always get your work done with tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand followers.

You never really know what’s going to be the most effective choice until you pull the trigger and really test that out. This will help you understand what your audience responds to better, making you a better communicator, and better able to sell to your customers.

Is your business getting the amount of marketing as it should? Are you experiencing troubles to choose the appropriate customers for your products and services? Need any help to pick the right types of target market ?

Nowadays, customers have a huge amount of control and influence over a business to be successful. When you hear the word “customer”, what comes to your mind? Either someone who is interested in your products or services or someone who buys your products regularly. There are a lot of marketers who focus more on the benefits and features of their products rather than their customer profiles.

Get help in the perfect analysis in types of target market with Integra’s Consultancy services –

Unless you develop complete products for your consumers and market more specifically to the target consumer’s needs, desires and interests, you’re very far from a success. Integra Technologies provide the best advisory help in the market by which you can actually analyze the market properly and hit your target customers with the service they desire.

Here are some of the important market segmentation you need to focus to boost your business.

  • Religion-based marketing
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Choosing your market based on religion is a very important task in business. In our world, there are various religions around, in Asia the variation is higher than anywhere in the world. So, when you’re doing your business in the area where variation is high, you have to choose things more carefully.

  •    Location and zip code
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Marketing based on location and zip codes comes to the geographical segmentation part. Different locations have different weather and cultural sense, so marketing in a target location can earn you more revenues than marketing in areas with diversities. You can gain more profit from winter clothing where a winter season is taking place right?

  •    Competitive targeting
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Competitive targeting is actually to target the customers of your competitors. Analyze the market properly and you’ll be aware of which competitor is providing loose services and what they are actually missing in their services. If you can provide a service that they are failing to, their customers will surely attract to you.

  •    Lifestyle and personality
    types of target market

You can mark your type of target market and customers by their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. If you own a clothing and footwear company, you are most likely to target the ones who are interested in fashion. Similarly, as an owner of a food court or restaurant, you should put your focus on those people who like to eat outside more rather than the ones who prefer to stay healthy.

  •    Usage-based marketing
    types of target market

Usage of product or service also comes to list of segmentation. A consumer can be determined as their usage of a product labeled as a heavy, moderate or light user.

  •    Family status or size
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Different families have a different kind of peoples in it and their size also varies one to another. Each type has a different need for things. For an example, large families are expected to purchase in bulk, while small ones will be interesting products that comes in a small amount- as some products are not usable for the next day or later. So which consumer profile you’re searching for? Who can you serve best with your service and products?

Understanding these market segmentations and applying a proper market analysis can help you to filter your target customers and develop your information about various types of target market finally helping you to improve your marketing strategies and reach your consumers more accurately.

Target market selection can be a very significant step for start-up firms. Selecting a target audience determines the potential clients who could appreciate what you have to offer. Moreover, it also helps direct your effort to the types of target market your product or service is fit for. This way, an initial reputation could be easy to earn along with a clear recognition of the areas where to improve.

In fact, one of the essential answers as to how to become a successful businessman lies in the fact that how hard has one concentrated to choose his target market. It has been a common phenomenon that a product or service gets more hype if it is launched in the right target market. Due to the density of the potential consumers, it is more likely that the target product would get a scope to be known at a wider range. It is always better to present yourself where you are most likely to be recognized even before the question of appreciation occurs.  

Why target market selection in important for start-ups?

A start-up firm is usually initiated with a considerably low financial backup. With whatever money an aspiring entrepreneur sets up his dream project with the minimalistic necessary materials and a huge amount of effort, he would probably like to see a profit on that. After the finished products are ready to be delivered to the market for the retailing purpose, he expects that whatever few products he could formulate, gets the expected acceptance among the people. These few products cannot be afforded to be distributed to the markets where they may not get enough attention. Above, all, this reduces the chances of the products to get sold. The initial distribution of the products can thus be chosen to be delivered at the target markets. The initial start-up investment can be done the best use of.

An aspirant of entrepreneurship must take a close look and do a thorough case study before starting to choose the target market. An expert advice may be needed if you are not confident enough in those initial days. A success no matter how small it boosts up the enthusiasm of the entrepreneur. If you are all the way successful in picking up your target market, you are halfway through the procedure of how to become a successful businessman.

The types of a target market and the selection of it determines the success of your business. It is not the product or service which makes a company successful. It is the right consumers who you are selling your product or service, determines the success of your company. Selection of the right target market is one of the significant stepping stone towards entrepreneurship. After choosing the right target, one must also be aware of the changing patterns of their demand to keep a track of the ongoing trend.  

Institutes and organizations are on the verge of growth for the purpose of Entrepreneurship Development in India. One can choose to train himself and brush up thoroughly on the market patterns and behaviour before actually stepping into it with no knowledge at all. You can become a successful businessman by considering to take up those training programmes initially,  but what about the factors that help you initiate your career as an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship Development in India may require financial support too, wherein the venture capitalists come in.

Initiating entrepreneurship requires manpower, material and capital without which, business in a motif to serve a larger mass is not possible. Sometimes the development of the entrepreneurs is on immediate demand, right after the initiation phase to understand the market dynamics and the change that took place over the time. Venture Capitalist Firms in India provides guidance and motivation for entrepreneurial development purpose which redirects the entrepreneurs to help the business mount the ladder of success.

The support of a venture capitalist firm also prompts that the business has a bright prospect which needs to be molded well enough. The business world in India saw a revolution when in 1991, the economic revolution happened. This gave rise to a number of entrepreneurs who brought in new hope for the country and the urge to develop constantly has been maintained and executed several times. In modern India, a wide range of developmental programmes have been introduced for enhancement of management skills and developmental methodologies. These armaments would make sure of bringing in the hidden talents of the entrepreneurs to surface and converting challenges into opportunities.


In order to stand steady in the competitive market, many significant strategies like team building, creativity and innovation, communication and interpersonal training skills, decision making and problem-solving and many more have become a part and parcel of the life of an entrepreneur. In such a scenario, entrepreneurs are in dire need of true support and guidance by the Venture capitalist firms in India who would also take up mentorship for the overall progress of the company.

Entrepreneurship Development in India has been in trend since the last one decade with the urge to develop the business industry and match up to the global level. Venture Capitalists have been playing the role of a guardian to many entrepreneurs in their startup period or at a secondary level for developmental purpose and direct them to the right path. In frequent cases, the venture capitalist firms prefer to take up the responsibility of the direction of the company upon themselves entirely. They not only invest in the growth of the company but keep records daily updates on the business and commands specific movements to which the entrepreneur abides by. The venture capitalists in India started as a pillar for the entrepreneurs in India who needed financial backup and gain the strength to compete on an international level, but they slowly realized that only financing would not help in the development and thus, they acquired a greater role.

Firms that believe in the potentiality of your start-up businesses and are ready to invest in them are commonly known as Venture Capitalist Firms. Trusting a start-up to have a promising long-term future is indeed a risk. Therefore, the Venture Capitalist Firms in India usually consists of the fortunate and privileged investors. Many new genres of start-ups are coming up recently in India which is being welcomed whole-heartedly by the Indian mass. Venture Capitalist Firms in India are getting more enthusiastic to invest their fortune in these businesses and help them grow in the real sense.

Let us probe into 30 most active Venture Capitalist Firms in India that may be approached –



Leading family offices, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds are led by a congregation of institutional experts under the name of Steadview Capital Management. They believe in long-term returns in exchange for long-term investment and belief upon the industries. The excellent foundation was discovered in 2012 in Hongkong. It has made 12 investments till date among which the 4 industries were leading at their respective times.



Popularly known to support start-ups and boost up their unique thoughts, Accel Partners is perhaps the most famous venture capitalist. They say:

“Because greatness doesn’t have a stereotype — from the earliest days through all phases of growth, it’s our responsibility to support unique founders with unique insights they take the seeds of promise and grow them into amazing, enduring companies.”

The believers in the greatness of individuals must themselves be great; this international venture company (also headquartered in India) may prove to be a true venture partner.



Fulcrum Venture India is situated in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. They provide the start-ups with management and investment ideas. They believe, trust is their biggest investment in a business and thus leave adequate spaces for companies to function on their terms and Fulcrum maintains the balance with them. It was founded in the year 2000 and is run by Krishna Ramanathan.

Ramanathan says:

“We have a rich pipeline to deploy the money that we have. We have received interest from a lot of families and others in Chennai, who have looked at co-investments with us.”



Helion Venture Partners believe in being interactive and supportive rather than being perspective, says one of the entrepreneurs. The offering of practical advice and strategy execution ideas are given to aspiring entrepreneurs in India.



500 Start-ups helps start-ups to realize the entrepreneur’s talents and goals so that the company may be launched and recognized internationally. Their secular nature is what makes them stand out from all the other ventures globally. Their mission is to support talented founders of all genres and all cultures. The expert team consists of people all over the world speaking various languages for the ease of communication. It currents have $200 million in assets under management. Family tech and education, cloud services, food tech and much more have been encouraged by 500 Start-ups. It runs under the instructions of Pankaj Jain in India.



“We help daring build legendary companies”- as goes the saying of Sequoia Capital India. Companies like JustDial and Cardekho have emerged with the help of them.



Founded in 2008, Basil Partners have invested in about 14 technology investments among which six of them exist successfully, within 3-5 years on an average. Having developed a reputation within the technology community in Southeast Asia, India and USA it can be trusted for a capital venture, lead by Rajiv Srivastava.



IDG Ventures India, now Chiratae Ventures, is a leading technology venture capital fund in India. Headed by Sudhir Sethi, its area of function are consumer media and tech, software, Health tech, Fintech. It has invested in popular companies like FirstCry, Myntra, Tripoto, Yatra and Zivame.



Ivy cap Ventures welcome excellence, innovation and fresh ideas as start-ups. Situated in Mumbai, is guided by an entrepreneur-centric investment approach. It was founded by Vikram Gupta in 2011, with a vision to leverage Global Alumni Ecosystems.



Jungle Ventures is one of the leading technology investors in growth markets, functioning across Singapore and India, founded in 2012 by Amit Anand and Anurag Srivastava. Its headquarters are Asia-Pacific (APAC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Southeast Asia.



Matrix Partners India has nurtured the famous Ola Cabs, app Vehicle Company that has been running successfully in India now in its early days. They prefer companies which have long-term strategic plans and like to soar above the ground, yet keeping their eyes right down. Initially set up in Boston in 1977, it now spreads its network in India and China. Consumer technology, B2B are among many investment places of it.



Involved in the early stage as well as early growth investments in the lead the companies to the competitive seats and they believe in learning with every company they invest for. Nirvana Venture Advisors also provide strategic ideas along with the financial backup by teaming up with their experts.



Ojas Venture Partners raises young start-ups to nourish and nurture them to stage them where they belong as per their dreams they had been weaving as an entrepreneur. It was founded in 2007 guided by groups of entrepreneurial minds.



Reliance Ventures is all about welcoming new waves of strategic waves and setting up a whole new capitalist ecosystem. It is one of India’s leading corporate venture capital firm, launched in 2006 under the leadership of Kshitij Gupta. The capitalist venture company proposes investments to funding start-ups, new business ventures, cross-border and domestic India funding.



Aspada is an India base capital venture company which invests in companies that solve hard problems. Businesses which tend to have a creative base, Aspada participates as an active business portfolio spanning agricultural supply chains, logistics, financial services, education, and healthcare. Companies like EM3, Be Well, Xamcheck benefit from Aspada.



Led by Vishal Gupta, Bessemer Venture Partners is active in the areas of Internet and mobile, software products, financial services, healthcare, etc. Pinterest, Linkedin, Skype, Skybox imaging were all a start-up venture for Bessemer. It believes in the need for support in all stages of a company, be it a start-up or enterprise stage.



Exfinity Venture Partners is a frontier technology fund backing Enterprise Company (B2B) networking throughout India and US. They pioneer start-up business that aims for global recognition. Their goal is to back technology-driven companies that root in India actively but has a global appeal at the same time.  Improving logistics efficiency and governance are also in their target list.



Inventus Capital Partners was developed to support early-stage investments and has its office in Silicon Valley and India.



Nexus Venture Partners is operational in India and US. Their team comprising of ex-entrepreneurs are always encouraging start-ups with their struggling days’ stories and furnishes one with impressive strategic ideas for the businesses. They have been managing USD 1.5 billion-plus funds now with their experiences to their credit.



Nasper’s prime operational areas are internet communication, entertainment, gaming, and e-commerce, functional in 130 countries and headquartered in South Africa. They are involved in building companies that empower people and enrich communities. Naspers India provides unique and local business support in the country.  



Led by industry veterans, Rajesh Kamat and Paulo Aiello, KKR has joined to commit up to $ 300 million from its KKR Asian Fund ll. It is a more than 30 years old Venture Project Company. The primary area of focus for Emerald Media is investing for media, entertainment, and digital media companies. It also looks forward to gaining control over some companies partly or wholly and allows about 15-75mm for investment per company.



Again, an India based venture capital investment company, established in 2006, seeks to invest in early business start-ups within their well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystems. It has its well-built network operating in the Silicon Valley which keeps them well-informed about the opportunities globally.



Unitus Seed Fund claims to accelerate the growth of early start-ups in education sectors, healthcare, and financial technology development sectors. Seed funding, strategic and operating support are its chief services.



Norwest Venture Partners is known to support start-ups, as well as seed to late-stage investments in India and the US efficiently.



Blume Ventures promises a blooming future to the early-stage VCs. It is one of India’s leading tech-focused capital venture companies. They are also the providers of winning strategic plans.



Founded in the year 2000, it was set up for the sole purpose of serving the start-ups which relate to the genre of taking forward Qualcomm sectors. Karthee Madasamy is the chief leader.



Kalaari Capital is the type of venture capitalist based in Bengaluru that encourages new ideas of start-ups, collaborates, discusses and enlightens with necessary details on various business-related issues. Inspiration added to capital aid is its goal, creating a friendly and approachable prospect.



Khosla Ventures back Internet, computing, mobile, silicon technology, biotechnology, healthcare, and clean technology sectors. Vinod Khosla founded iKhoslat in America and spreading its hand of help in India’s start-up ventures. Khosla Ventures was founded in 2004.



It has its offices set up in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Boston thus having access to various investment ideas and ventures; It was set up back in 1988 and is one of the earliest venture capital investment company. It has a record in investing in almost 225 additional companies. Highland Capital Partners has been considered to be one of the seeds and growth-stage funding solutions.



This Mumbai based venture capitalist company states:

“We partner with high-performing entrepreneurs who

outperform their competition using market-moving ideas.”

Zodius targets to invest in Enterprise Software and Services, Big Data and Analytics, Consumer mobiles and Internet markets under the aegis of the Senior Managing Director, Neeraj Bhargava, Managing Director and Co-founder, Shilpa Kulkarni and Varun Laul. It concentrates and partners with one company per six months to perform seamlessly. Above given is the information about 30 venture capitalist firms in India which have made a mark across the country and globally. They risk their capital for your business growth quite creatively.

Photo by Ishant Mishra on Unsplash

In this rapidly growing market, people are trying to rise up and grab newer opportunities and become successful entrepreneurs. Every organization faces a lot of problems like a cutthroat competition, managing promotional campaigns, and legal issues. However, an entrepreneur can only overcome these obstacles with the help of his employees.

Following these points can transform an employer’s path to success from lonely and difficult to collective and smooth.

Abhijeet Chakraborty | Entrepreneur Ideas in India

October 9, 2018
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abhijeet chakraborty motivation


There is no shortage of innovative entrepreneur ideas in India. How many times have we seen that an entrepreneur comes up with an all inspiring creative approach and it fails due to lack of execution? Conducting proper market research and planning out your vision is perhaps the most crucial aspect of running a successful business in the long run.

However, young entrepreneurs in India lack this quality which has resulted in more than 90% of start-up failure in the country. There is no shortage of hard-working individuals in the market, but to be a visionary, an inborn leader is an unusual characteristic which not everyone possesses. This is precisely where Abhijeet Chakraborty and his services can be put to use.

Abhijeet’s knowledge in all the wedges of business is so diverse that it is sure to help you and your business gain that recognition that it deserves. Right from the selection of the target audience to the implementation of various strategies can be dissected and formulated by Abhijeet. This will allow you and your firm to save valuable time, effort and energy and in turn, will boost your sales and profits.

The most significant and fundamental difficulty which start-ups in India face is that the audience is not aware of the products and services which are offered by a business organization. All this and more can be effectively eradicated by adopting the expert advice of Abhijeet Chakraborty.

The market is there to exploit, the only thing you need is guidance from an experienced individual who not only knows the internal layout but has also been successful in the international segment as well. Come to collaborate with Abhijeet and his team. The premium services offered by Abhijeet acts as a catalyst which will not only rejuvenate your spirits as an entrepreneur but will also revitalize your listed business.

Entrepreneur ideas in India need nurturing as the potential is immense. Fulfil your potential by collaborating with Abhijeet Chakraborty. Contact us today to get more information.

Venture Capitalist Firms in India – Understanding the Financial Game

October 9, 2018
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Abhijeet Chakraborty


Funds are an essential part for any new startups or small business to increase their product range and development cycle. But raising money through investors is not an easy task sometimes exhausting which frustrates most of the entrepreneurs. However, it is important to consider the other side of the table and how difficult it is for Venture Capitalist Firms in India to make the final call on their investment.

Venture Capitalists in India are extremely opportunistic. An individual must have an incredible business plan in order to convince a venture capitalist for investment. However, with the assistance of Abhijeet Chakraborty, young aspiring entrepreneurs now can learn how to manage venture capitalists and capital effectively at the same time. According to Abhijeet  Chakraborty, there are a few elements entrepreneurs must consider before opting for venture capital.

Below are the points before opting for Venture Capitalist Firms in India – By Abhijeet chakraborty

  1. Networking:

    Networking plays a significant role in setting up an excellent platform to interact with famous investors and venture capitalists anytime. It was sure that Venture capitalists would have a big network of influential company leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs to gain much information that is happening in the industry. In such a scenario, an introduction or recommendation from someone close to the investor will make a lot of difference. Abhijeet Chakraborty will help you to scrutinize the network and choose the best person who can introduce you to investors so that your business receives adequate funds to grow and develop.

  2. Speed and perfection:

    In order to gain the attention of a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur must be swift and fast when it comes to pitching the idea to an investor. So, it is the work of entrepreneurs to contact them at the right time and fix an appointment for their next presentation. With proper guidance from Abhijeet Chakraborty, you can now tackle the challenges of any venture capitalist in a productive manner.  

        3.Professionalism and Respect:

It can be observed that so many venture capitalists India come from more prominent firms which usually have so many layers in their hierarchy. With the help of Abhijeet Chakraborty’s expert advice, you can arm yourself with professionalism and etiquettes which will bring you one step closer to success.  

Abhijeet Chakraborty |Types of Target Market for Your Business

October 9, 2018
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It is important to note that not all products and services are designed for all types of consumers and industries. Consumers are always cautious about choosing the best the product based on their requirement, and it is essential to foray into their range to attract them in buying your product. A target market is the market segment where the company or business wants to sell their products and services to their consumers.

So, choosing a well-defined target market which is suited for the products developed will help a business to concentrate on marketing and several other related elements to develop in the selected market segment.

Selecting an audience base from the various types of the target market is of absolute importance. Business often, then to make a mistake when it comes to making this decision. With the assistance of Abhijeet Chakraborty, you can now eradicate the complications which come with the selection of target market.

          Recognizing The Types of Target Market –

  • Age-based target market segment: Consumers age is a crucial factor in identifying the target market. People of all age groups cannot use all products. With Abhijeet’s help you can gain an understanding of consumer buying behavior which will also aid you to recognize the right age group which your firm should focus on.
  • Target based on income capabilities: Consumers always look to purchase the best quality products at the cheaper rates. The income capabilities of the general people is based upon their work and income standards. Effective market research is conducted by Abhijeet and his team so that you can gain a complete insight on your target audience and their income capacity.
  • Gender-specific marketing: This target marketing concentrates mainly on specific gender or specific segment in a particular group. Expert analysis of this category of target market selection can be achieved with the assistance of Abhijeet Chakraborty.

There are many types of target markets available in the industry. Selection of one particular segment can be difficult. Thus, a need arises where professional consultancy is required, which Abhijeet Chakraborty looks to provide.

Abhijeet Chakraborty | Abhijeet Chakraborty’s Blog Site

September 13, 2018
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The Art of Smart Work with Hard Work That Fetches You Success

The debate of choosing between hard and smart work has been in every industry for several years now. Many people will point out at many prosperous professionals and entrepreneurs who achieved their success with tons of hard work. Find Abhijeet Chakraborty’s takes on this topic.

Abhijeet Chakraborty – does working hard fetch you the ultimate success?

The simple answer to this question is smart work and hard work practiced at right portions will surely take you to the promised land of triumph. We can observe that many successful people are not just hard workers, but they are quick learners as well. They tend to analyze their own goals quickly and come up with suitable methods which have a definite structure.

As per Abhijeet Chakraborty “Success comes with the ability of people to understand the work nature which should be backed up with a suitable implement.” So if one cannot outline their work nature or understand their product or job role, it will be extremely difficult for them to meet the expectations and achieve their life goals even though they put up a lot of work.

So if you are taking care of the operations of a start-up ,then consultancy from Abhijeet Chakraborty is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. Motivate your employees, double your efficiency and generate more profits by implementing the effective strategies as advised by our esteem professional, Abhijeet Chakraborty. Get a clear understanding of hard and smart work by joining hands with us.

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