Work Depression: How to Overcome It?

People working in start-up businesses always have their plate filled with never ending work. They have to multi-task on several occasions and in some cases, it goes on a daily basis. The capacity of a human brain is definitely immense, but limited. An overworked brain can never produce the best results when needed. Sometimes, it may so happen that the brain has overworked already without rest and this leads to stress and depression.

Depression is the curse hexed upon by the brain of the individual as a means of protest. Even if the early signs of this protest are not taken into consideration, one ends up losing his sanity and the brain refuses to take charge of his unsorted actions any longer.

An individual may indulge enthusiastically in fun activities but fails to understand why he ends up being unhappy with it. That is because depression had struck him long ago and adequate retirements from work was lacking. The workplace is not a place to cheer around, true, but it is not a bleak house either. People must take care of themselves first in order to carry out every other work smoothly, tactfully and fruitfully.  

WHO recorded a minimum of three million people being affected by work depression annually. Being an entrepreneur in India may bring a person name and fame, but it may also bestow him with the untold misery he might be coping with every day in his mind. In other words, start- up businesses in India have to go an extra mile to achieve a positive result because of the immense competition in the market.

In a third world country like India, keeping in mind the population and the increasing amount of unemployment, the young generation is willing to take up any kind of job to earn a living without giving a second thought about it. This job may become the sole reason for an individual’s demise. The same happens with entrepreneurs too who own  start- up businesses. They have to keep an eye on every domain of the work that they have initiated. Some symptoms for work depression resulting from excessive work and lack of interest are as follows:

  • Hardships in concentrating at work:
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Identifying the symptoms of depression is hard to comprehend and one may not even realize why he is finding it difficult to concentrate on his work. This is typical symptom that the person he may be suffering from work depression and his mind may not be ready to take up new projects unless it had been released of the old purgation.

  • Motivation in the work sphere has been long lost:

A person keeps on responding to his work positively as long as he is backed by motivation. Motivation and appreciation goes hand in hand. He keeps on losing interest in his work due to the lost motivation and thus, appreciation has no more space to thrive. This condition may shower immense depression in one’s personal life, making him just a puppet who has been following orders and nothing more.

  • Not being able to live life up to the expectations:
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Start-up businesses are highly result oriented. If an individual fails to achieve his targets and his he is not being to meet the expectations of the firm, no matter how hard he tries; it is a classic scenario that the individual is suffering from work depression. This results in quite a lot of suicides all over the world.

  • Lack of proper interests that one used to savor previously:
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The athletic spirit of a person suffering from depression is suppressed including his natural flow of emotions. He may not be able to take part even in his areas of interests. So malevolent is the effect of depression…

  • Insomnia:
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Insomnia is a condition where one is not able to get proper sleep even after a day’s hard work. This is a common problem for individuals suffering from this disorder. Taking the help of sleeping pills worsens the condition and thus, a natural cure for insomnia is preferable.

A successful businessperson may fail to recognize signs of depression blinded by the benefits of entrepreneurship. Probable methods that may be taken up to overcome depression are as follows.

  • Using work intervals to relax the mind:
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Taking breaks from work not only helps the mind to relax but also increases the working capacity of an individual. Quality of the job to be carried out is multiplied several times. The freshened up mood of the individual acts as a motivation factor.

  • Initiating yoga and concentration:
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The breathing techniques and the various body postures adopted in the course of doing yoga helps to cure a depressed mind. The fresh air of the morning if commingles with a daily routine of yoga, can cure deep-seated depression. This has been proven by the age-old Vedic practices.

So if you are dreaming of being an entrepreneur in India, including yoga in your daily routine can be really beneficial.

  • Speaking up the mind to someone trusted:
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Man is a social animal and abruptly choosing to disconnect with everyone, may be a sign that the person has been afflicted with depression. Sharing your thoughts with a trusted friend may prove to be a solution to overcome depression.

  • Setting clear goals:
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An individual must be able to determine the amount of work that can be completed by him in a single day’s schedule. Being able to reach the set goals would keep one motivated, keeping the work-borne depression at bay.

  • Consulting a therapist:
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On realizing the early symptoms of depression, one must consult a therapist. Taking this step may prevent further aggravation of the condition and high-dose medications.

  • Getting adequate sleep:
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Getting adequate sleep promotes positivity in a person’s mood and increases concentration. In case, insomnia has invaded an individual, he should first try out Vedic treatments and aromatherapy. Three to four drops of Eucalyptus oil to the pillow may dose one off to sleep with its sweet yet powerful scent. Lavender oil or a concoction or both may be used if preferred.

  • Appreciating oneself:
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An individual should not deprive himself from anything he likes and feel suffocated. Instead, he should reward himself frequently on even smaller moments of success. You must treat yourself gently so that work depression does not set in.

Being an entrepreneur in India is taxing. Every eight out of ten Indians have been registered to be suffering from an untold intensity of depression. It is, therefore, to be noted that adding practices likes yoga and drawing a line when it comes to work and social life balanced could be the answer to a depression free lifestyle.

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