Abhijeet Chakraborty
Abhijeet Chakraborty

‘Success doesn’t come to you by chance; you have to pave the way, climb the steps and finally reach the top where you will meet success. However, what will matter the most is how you make this journey happen.’

Abhijeet Chakraborty is born in Kolkata, presently living in Bangalore, started his business in 2009 and about Abhijeet Chakraborty the youngest entrepreneur is growing his business global. His brainchild Integra Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT company in the world. With his new entrepreneur ideas in India, Abhijeet aims to bring about a positive change in the country’s economy.

Abhijeet Charkraborty is a person who has mastered the art of balancing his personal and professional life. He is extremely attached to his family and a very dedicated as well as a hardworking person. His values for family and work ethics make him one of a kind. He would take an extra mile to keep everyone around him happy, be it his family or his employees. Considering all these qualities, hardwork and dedication, Abhijeet is now a name in the most successful entrepreneur in India.

He loves to spend his free time traveling and hanging out with his friends. He believes to maintain sanity in life, traveling and exploring new places is very important. This not only rejuvenates and refreshes his mind but also helped him to connect and communicate with people more. His love for traveling has done much in shaping his personality.

Abhijeet is also a motivational speaker and business consultant for several startup companies all over. Here in his blogs, you will get to know more about the do’s and don’ts for making a business successful. Moreover, he also does a lot of charity, sponsors education for underprivileged children as he feels there is potential in everyone and people who can, should help them to grow.

Birthday: 18th May
Hobby: Driving, traveling
Loves: Ties and watches.
Favorite color: Green, blue and white.
Relationship status: Single